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We offer all services as tax accountants, including registrations, monthly and quarterly VAT return filing, compliance checks, and investigations. VAT The Intrastat system was first introduced in 1993 and is used to gather data regarding trade with the EU. Any business that is registered for VAT that transacts business in goods with an EU member state is required to submit information about their transactions through the Intrastat system for statistical purposes. Arrivals refers to purchases, sales, and acquisitions whereas Dispatches refers to exports, sales, and removals. All enterprises that have registered for VAT are required to include in their VAT return both the total value of any goods they have sent to EU members as well as the total number of arrivals. It might be difficult to navigate the complexity of the VAT and Intrastat Returns systems, but an experienced VAT accountant from our team can help you.

Value added tax is among the most difficult and complicated taxation system that is imposed on businesses; as a result, many companies unintentionally overpay or underpay VAT.

A trained professional eye is necessary to ensure that you do not break the law and only pay what is legally required because of the ever-expanding scope of VAT, the continuous stream of minute modifications to the regulations, and the ever-increasing demands of HM Revenue & Customs.

  • We can offer you a trustworthy and affordable VAT service, including:
  • assistance with registering for VAT
  • using the most effective plan
  • Advice on the management and planning of VAT
  • Advice on VAT in connection to transactions involving real estate
  • Advice on VAT for not-for-profit and non-profit donations
  • routinely paying the taxes
  • assistance in filing out VAT returns
  • preparing to reduce possible problems with HM Revenue & Customs
  • representing you in VAT tribunals and resolving disputes with HM Revenue and Customs

VAT compliance can be a challenging administrative process due to constantly evolving legislation and HMRC’s increasing pressure. We provide an efficient and relatively affordable VAT service to support you in administering this complicated sector, which includes:

Advice on VAT administration, planning, control, and reconciliation.

  • Assistance in filling out VAT returns
  • Resolving conflicts with HMRC and, if necessary, representing you in VAT tribunals

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